Since its humble beginnings in 2006, Hawk Drilling has emerged as one of New Jersey's leading environmental drilling contractors. Hawk was formed as a partnership between veteran well drillers Steve Yotcoski and Todd Naugle who, with over fifty years of experience between them, set forth, with limited means, to form a new drilling company. In its early days, Hawk was operated from a small home office. Operations began with a single, secondhand drill rig. Despite these shortcomings, Yotcoski and Naugle prided themselves in personable and efficient service of the highest quality, forming long-lasting relationships with countless clients that remain to this day.

In the span of less than ten years, Hawk Drilling has grown exponentially. Additional drill rigs, geo-probes, and limited access rigs have been acquired - increasing Hawk's capabilities greatly. Hawk rosters nineteen, dedicated and hardworking, employees. They, along with our dedicated Operations Manager, John Charles, stand ready to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Hawk prides itself in being able to go above and beyond expectations of our clients, while still being able to provide the highest level of efficiency, professionalism, and quality work.


We at Hawk Drilling are well aware that you have seemingly endless choices when choosing an environmental drilling contractor for your subsurface investigations. So, what sets Hawk Drilling apart from all of the rest? WE ALWAYS GET THE JOB DONE. Drilling comes with its own set of difficulties. Let us face it, drilling does not always go as planned. Your everyday drilling contractor might pack up and go home upon facing his first challenge or breakdown, but not Hawk Drilling.

Our clients benefit from the dedication and experience of our drilling crews. Problems or issues that may arise while drilling are always quickly resolved and remedied by our capable and experienced employees. Despite whatever circumstances we may encounter, we will get the job done for you - always in a timely, effective, and safe manner. You hire us to fulfill a scope of work for you. While others may cut corners to shorten a job, or even prolong a job to raise costs to the client, Hawk Drilling does not. We work effectively and efficiently to provide satisfying results.

Furthermore, drilling is a dirty business. Drilling makes a mess of everything. Hawk Drilling prides itself on being able to leave a site in the same condition as when we arrived. We realize that you, the client, have to deal with property owners and lessees who can be intractable at times. Our ability to create minimal site impact, we believe, makes your job that much easier.