The Dingo rigs are limited access machines. Fitting through a 36" wide by 72" tall opening has made the Dingo a popular rig at residential and commercial sites alike, due to its compact size and light footprint. 

Collecting soil and groundwater samples, and even installing shallow 2" & 4" wells in these locations, was once a problem. The Dingo Rigs may be the answer you were looking for. Hawk Drilling has three Dingo Rigs to serve you. All three rigs are track mounted. Our rigs run on either gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane. Having the ability to do borings in ceiling heights of 8’ to 10’ in addition to installing shallow monitoring wells in less than an 8’ ceiling is a huge attribute of the Dingo Rig.

Advantages of our Dingo Geo-Probes:
- Track mounted, low impact
- Able to access tight clearance and indoor locations

Capabilities of our Dingo Geo-Probes:
- 4' and 5' Dual Tube Sampling
- 4' and 5' Macro Cores
- Discrete Water (H2O) Sampling
- Temporary Well Points

Our Dingo rigs are transported to job locations by one of our box trucks, which enable us to carry other materials, supplies, and equipment, as well as anything else that our client may request.