Our AMS 9570 offers a great deal of advantages and also has a large number of capabilities. Transporting this drill rig is our Freightliner rollback truck, which enables us to not only transport our drill rig but also allows us to carry a great deal of supplies and materials. This set-up increases operating efficiency by reducing the number of vehicles required to be on site.

Advantages of the AMS 9570:
- Off road capabilities
- Able to reach limited access locations


Environmental Well Drilling
- Hollow Stem Augers
- Air Rotary
- 2" Monitoring Well Installation
- 4" Monitoring Well Installation

Direct Push
- 4' or 5' Dual Tube Sampling
- Discrete Water (H2O) Sampling
- 4' or 5' Macro Cores
- Geotechnical Borings

Clearance Restrictions:
- 7' width
- 16' length
- 15' height (mast fully extended)