We at Hawk Drilling are here to serve you, our clients. To best serve our clients it is important to offer a wide variety of services. Listed here are services that we provide, beyond Well Drilling and Direct Push.

Packer Testing

Being able to assess the vertical extent of groundwater contamination is vitally important in the field of Environmental Remediation. To help our clients assess the extent of the contamination Hawk Drilling offers cost-effective straddle packer techniques.The straddle assembly allows further cost reductions by permitting sampling from multiple horizons within a single well. Hawk Drilling provides a full range of packers.

Test Pits

Each project we encounter is different and therefore not every project requires the same approach. In some cases a test pit is required to obtain a more accurate soil sample. A test pit allows our clients to obtain a better depiction of subsurface geology, a larger sample, or an idea of potential development considerations. Hawk Drilling has the equipment to successfully create test pits, including our Case 580K Backhoe.

FLUTe Liner Installation

Hawk's crews have been trained and have performed many of the applications associated with flexible liner underground technologies (FLUTe). FLUTe liners are an easy way to identify the location of a contaminant in an existing boring. For more information on the practical uses of FLUTe liners, we encourage you to visit www.flut.com.

Chlorination of Potable Wells

Today many homes in our area still rely on water wells to provide running water to their homes. This water is used for everything from washing the dishes, to showers, to brushing your teeth in the morning. This consistent contact the well water makes with the family makes it imperative that this water is clean and 100% free of contaminants. Occasionally this water becomes contaminated with bacteria. To combat this, and to ensure safe and clean well water, Hawk Drilling offers chlorination of potable wells.

Pump Removal

If you are switching to city water, and need your submersible well pump removed, Hawk Drilling can assist you.